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Bruce Trail Expedition for Kids: St. Paul Does Their Part!


Day 30 BT4K Donates $50,000


Day 30 We Did It! 885km!


Day 30 Fred Interacting with Children at Montessori


Day 30 Minutes Before the Last Interactive Call with Schools


Day 30 Once Again by the Shores


Day 30 Final Day Wrap Up


Day 29 Yet a Few More KMS of Hiking to Go!


Day 29 Noisy Hiking on the Beach


Day 29 Rock Path by Beach


Day 29 Fred by the Beach


Day 29 Morning Summary by Fred


Day 28 Transition from Lata to Clear Blue Water


Day 28 Example of Scrambling Through Rocks


Day 28 Morning Update By The Bay


Day 27 End of Day Summary from Coast on Georgian Bay


Day 27 Stepping in Cow Dung


Day 27 For Dalewood School


Day 27 Tough Weather Day


Day 27 Morning Update By the Edge of the Water


Day 26 Looking at Lion's Head


Day 26 Heading Towards Lion's Head


Day 26 On the Shores of Barrow Bay


Day 26 Down by the Shoreline


Day 26 View of Georgian Bay


Date 26 Example of Boulders and Edge


Day 26 Morning Summary


Day 25 Day Summary with Fred and Mark


Day 25 on Top of Whitecliffs


Day 25 Hopes Bay


Day 25 Morning Update by Fred and Peter


Day 24 Summary on a Very Rainy Day!


Day 24 Hiking Between Rock Walls


Day 24 Slipping and Sliding on Rainy Day


Day 24 Morning Update


Day 23 Hiking Quietly Past Rock Walls


Day 23 Morning Update


Day 22 End of Day Update by Peter


Day 22 Land of the Giants


Day 22 - Farm Side With Combine


Day 22 Inglis Falls Owen Sound

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