What's it all about?

Adventure seekers, Fred Losani, Peter Turkstra, Mark Maclennan and Teemu Lakkasuo, are on a quest to raise funds and awareness for inner-city food and nutrition programs in Hamilton, as well as the Bruce Trail Conservancy as they celebrate 50 years.

The adventure began September 24th 2012 in Queenston, in the Niagara region and ended 30 days later in Tobermory. Along the way the hikers had the opportunity to walk with students, interact via live webcam and satellite phone transmissions, and educate students about the importance of proper nutrition, healthy living, and maintaining the Bruce Trail, which is just outside their door.

Please explore the site and be sure to come back and visit frequently as the hikers post their discoveries throughout the course of their adventure!

Distance travelled

Oct 26, 2012 at 1pm in Tobermory!!

Coming soon...

Bruce Trail for Kids Gangnam Style music video. Check back soon.

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